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A public state university in Mumbai is called the University of Mumbai. With over 549,000 students enrolled across its campuses and linked colleges, it is one of the biggest university systems in the entire globe.The university had 711 affiliated colleges as of 2013. The advisory council’s head has been named as Ratan Tata.
Up to 1904, the university merely administered exams, granted college connections, created curriculum, and published instructions for institutions creating their own curricular .Starting in 1904, teaching departments, research fields, and post-graduate courses were established in addition to a number of new departments.
There were 42,272 enrolled students and 80 associated colleges in 1949. These figures increased to 156,190 and 114, respectively, by 1975.
The advent of online examination question delivery and assessment of answer books through scanning at distant examination centres improved the efficiency of examination processes. In 2015, the university’s academic repository was launched in partnership with CDSL. The institution launched an academic depository as the first university in the nation.
The University of Mumbai has four campuses, however a number of its departments are housed in vocational schools. The Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay Hospital, and G.S. are just a few of the well-known institutions in Mumbai that provide departments of medicine and medical research.

The first engineering institution in the University of Mumbai to provide courses in computer engineering, information technology, electronics engineering, and biomedical engineering was Thadomal Shahani Engineering institution.

The main library is Jawaharlal Nehru Library (JNL), which is situated on the Kalina campus. It is in severe need of renovation as of May 2019.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
MA 21525 86810 43405 2 Years
Certification NA 5000 NA 3 Years
M.Phil NA NA NA 2 Years
M.Sc NA NA NA 2 Years


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