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To provide top-notch technical education, the Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College was founded in 1985. Mahavir Education Trust is in charge of running the college. The college is accredited by AICTE, New Delhi, the Maharashtra government, and University of Mumbai. It is also certified to ISO 9001:2015. Undergraduate courses in computer engineering, information technology, electronics and computer science, electronics and telecommunication, artificial intelligence and data science, and cyber security are available. Additionally, it provides postgraduate courses in electronics engineering, computer engineering, and information technology.

to establish a name for itself as a reputable educational institution that raises professional standards.
To provide the students with a top-notch academic environment, fully-stocked laboratories, and instruction from enthusiastic instructors in order to impart high-quality technical education.
At Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, we are committed to providing cutting-edge technical and managerial education in the newest fields. In order to keep up with the most recent innovations, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure, teaching methods, and faculty skills while conducting periodic reviews of our academic environment and management system. While doing so, we make sure that the self-financed minority educational institution is adhering to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

We are confident that because we are a “A” grade engineering institution with a varied group of successful alumni, our students will have a solid foundation and will be knowledgeable about the basics. We seek to create leaders in a variety of fields in addition to outstanding engineers.

Students can join a variety of committees that we have.  We encourage pupils to thrive in a positive environment and develop into their best selves.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech Computer Engineering 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
B.Tech Information Technology 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
B.Tech Electronics & Computer Science 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
B.Tech Cyber Security 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication Electronics 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence & Data Science 67625 541000 135250 4 Years
M.Tech Information Technology 40815 163260 81630 2 Years
M.Tech Computer Engineering 40815 163260 81630 2 Years
M.Tech  Electronics Engineering 40815 163260 81630 2 Years


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