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A public state institution called Jadavpur University (abbreviated JU) is situated in Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It received the fourth-best national institutional ranking (NIRF) in 2023 among universities in India. The NIRF 2023 placed it 13th overall, 10th in the engineering area, and 10th in the overall rankings.

It is a unitary university as well as having affiliated institutes like the Institute of Business Management and the J D Birla Institute. Both of which have their own campuses. The final degree is offered by Jadavpur University.

There are numerous colleges and centers for study that support interdisciplinary learning and research in many different sectors. The School of Environmental Studies’ groundbreaking work highlighting the presence of arsenic in groundwater in nations like India and Bangladesh and the School of Automobile Engineering’s creation of the first alcohol-based car are just two examples of the significant research projects carried out by these schools. The centers for study are typically closely related to a certain department at Jadavpur University.[13] The School of Illumination Science, Engineering, and Design’s laser animation lab opened in March 2011 with help from Indian American scientist Manick Sorcar.

The University takes great pride in its library system, which includes the Central Library, the Salt Lake Campus Library, 36 Departmental Libraries under the Faculty of Arts, Science, Engineering and Technology, and about 23 Libraries attached to the Schools and Centres for Studies under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies Law and Management. One of the key resources utilized by all classes of students at Jadavpur University as well as by academics from other universities is the central library.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech/BE 5000 40000 10000 4 Years
B.Ed 7630 15260 15260 1 Year
B.Sc 1200 7200 2400 3 Years
B.Arch 6000 60000 12000 5 Years
BA 1200 7200 2400 3 Years
B.P.Ed 1200 3600 2400 3 Years
M.Tech 2400 9600 4800 2 Years
M.Arch 1200 4800 2400 2 Years
B.Lib.I.Sc 1200 2400 2400 1 Year
M.Pharma 100000 400000 200000 2 Years
ME 12000 48000 24000 2 Years
B.Pharma 1200 4800 2400 2 Years
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