Vivekanada Institute of Professional Studies

Vivekanada Institute of Professional Studies
Rs 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh
Type: Offline

Undergraduate and graduate courses in law, business administration, computer applications, journalism and mass communication, and economics are all offered at the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. The institute is renowned for its emphasis on practical learning, industry-focused curriculum, and academic quality.
The faculty at VIPS is made up of seasoned academics, business professionals, and researchers who are committed to giving students a top-notch education. They use cutting-edge teaching techniques, interactive lessons, real-world training, and case studies to make sure that students comprehend their material thoroughly and acquire the skills they will need for successful jobs.
VIPS emphasises the value of exposure to industry and experience learning. The institute collaborates with top businesses, groups, and experts to provide students with guest lectures, workshops, internships, and industrial tours. Students can do this to acquire a competitive edge in the job market, get practical insights, and apply academic knowledge to real-world settings.
Career development and placement are highly valued at VIPS. It offers a specialised placement cell that collaborates closely with business partners to help students find internships and job opportunities. The institute has a proven track record of placing graduates in prestigious businesses, legal firms, media organisations, and other sectors. To improve students’ employability, the placement cell also arranges training courses, practise interviews and career counselling sessions.

Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
BBA 44000 * 2.64Lakhs * 88000 * 3 Years
BCA 43200 * 2.59Lakhs * 86400 * 3 Years
B.Com (Hons.) 43900 * 2.63Lakhs * 87800 * 3 Years
BJMC 44000 * 2.64Lakhs * 88000 * 3 Years
LLM Null * 89400 * Null * 1 Years
BA+LLB 44700 * 4.47Lakhs * 89400 * 5 Years
BBA+LLB 44700 * 4.47Lakhs * 89400 * 5 Years
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