ISBF New Delhi

ISBF New Delhi
Rs 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh
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Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF). Laid out in 2006, in Delhi, India ISBF is a subsidiary focus of the College of London and is known for giving quality schooling in the field of financial aspects, money, and the board.
In collaboration with the University of London, ISBF offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The school’s mission is to provide students with a rigorous education that is recognized all over the world and equips them with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in the business and finance fields.
ISBF New Delhi emphasizes both academic excellence and hands-on learning. Students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions, debates, and group projects as part of the institution’s research-based teaching approach. A well-stocked library, online databases, and research journals are among the many learning resources available to students.
Students at ISBF New Delhi benefit from a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. Guest lectures, seminars, and workshops featuring industry professionals, academics, and thought leaders are held at the institution. Students learn about the most recent industry trends, have opportunities to network and gain a better understanding of real-world business scenarios at these events.




Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
PGD in Data Science 236280 472560 472560 1 Years
PGD in Economics 236280 472560 472560 1 Years
PGD in Finance 236280 472560 472560 1 Years
PGD in Management 236280 472560 472560 1 Years



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