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St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology main goal is to offer top-notch instruction to all students, regardless of caste, class, creed, or gender. However, being a Catholic institution, this college’s objectives and activities are strongly infused with a belief that only God can give life purpose. Additionally, it seeks to advance ideals like respect for the shared cultural heritage of India, egalitarianism, democracy, secularism, sex equality, environmental protection, the eradication of social barriers, responsible use of cybernetics and mass media, transparency and probity in both private and public life, national cohesion, and adherence to moral and religious principles.

The library of St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology acts as a hub for information. Further, strives to build a substantial collection of books, journals, and other reading materials valuable for the college’s students and employees, providing a platform for the effective transfer of knowledge. Since June 2018, the library has been an institutional member of DELNET. Also, it uses a closed-access system and is partially automated with SOUL 3.0 Library Management Software. The major mechanism for providing access to the collections is the web OPAC module.

Moreover, with about 3000 books and 82 users, it was founded in 2009 as a central library for all the departments. Currently, there are over 12875 books in the collection, along with 8 newspapers, 41 national and international journals/periodicals, and approximately 1245 users. The college library relocated to XTTI Campus in 2011. It is situated on the College building’s first floor.

Furthermore, student placement and internships are supported by the placement cell. It also provides pupils with the right direction for finding higher education opportunities. For the students, we hold lectures and webinars here on skill development.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Com 32500 195000 65000 3 Years
BBA 42500 25000 85000 3 Years
BCA 37500 225000 75000 3 Years
BAJMC 34000 204000 68000 2 Years
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