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The first university in Bihar and the seventh-oldest overall is Patna University. The development of modern Bihar’s educational, cultural, political, and economic systems parallels the history of Patna University.

There are ten constituent colleges of Patna University. These include Patna College, Patna Science College, Bihar National College, Patna Law College, Magadh Mahila College, Patna Women’s College, Vanijya Mahavidyalaya, College of Arts and Crafts, Patna Training College, and Patna Women’s Training College. Additionally, there are 31 post-graduate departments in the faculties of humanities, social science, science, education, commerce, law, and management. The majority of the post-graduate departments are housed in Darbhanga Raj structures. Which are a part of the state’s illustrious architectural heritage.

The UGC Academic Staff College, now the UGC Human Resource Development Center, reminds the academic community of the need to update knowledge and hone teaching and communication skills through orientation and refresher courses, seminars, and workshops. The Central Library, which serves the needs of students, professors, and researchers equally, is situated in the center, at the center of the university campus. INFLIBNET is connected to the electronic library. Furthermore, four hundred thousand books, 87 periodicals, 50,000 old issues of journals, and more than 5,000 rare manuscripts are available. As time and space’s boundaries continue to encroach upon one another in the age of information and communication technology, the university is working to provide instructors and students with cutting-edge methods, skills, and knowledge in order to face various professional challenges.

Organizations like the NSS, NCC, Sports and Cultural Activities Boards, and numerous learned Societies foster these skills for co-curricular engagement and a student’s overall development. Numerous students from our school have excelled in academics at the university, state, and federal levels.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 9000 54000 18000 3 Years
B.Ed 10000 60000 20000 3 Years
BBA 7500 45000 15000 3 Years
MA 3310 13240 6620 2 Years
MBA 27000 108000 54000 2 Years
MCA 8855 35420 17710 2 Years
LLB 862 5172 1724 3 Years
B.Com 1029 3087 2058 3 Years
B.Sc 1724 10344 3448 3 Years
BMC 75000 45000 15000 3 Years
B.Lib.I.Sc. 4100 8200 8200 1 Year
M.Com 3310 13240 6620 2 Years 3310 13240 6620 2 Years
M.Ed 7935 31740 15870 2 Years
BFA 2215 17720 4430 4 Years
LLM 1083 4334 2167 2 Years
M.Lib.I.Sc. 5250 21000 10500 2 Years
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