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Built on this illuminating foundation, NMIMS is now a Deemed to be University with numerous campuses offering a variety of subjects. Thanks to their 17 specialised schools, what began as an institute in a small structure has attracted the attention of the entire world. The most prestigious academic community in India has more than 17000 students, 750 full-time faculty members, and 10 faculty members with Fulbright and Humboldt International Scholarships for post-doctoral researchers. NMIMS is currently one of the top centres for academic excellence and research in the country thanks to its consistent academic quality, research emphasis, professors drawn from prestigious national and international institutions, and strong industry connections.

NMIMS has undertaken significant initiatives in terms of programmes, curriculum development, international linkages, placements, and student development in order to keep up with the rapidly changing educational landscape and to satisfy international standards. It has evolved into a globally oriented centre of learning that offers its students a balanced introduction to academic, research, and practical components of the sector.

Our fundamental conviction that learning is most successful when information and experience of people from many disciplines and diverse backgrounds are shared reflects the rapid expansion of NMIMS. Diversity has always been the foundation of the university since it gives professional education a cutting-edge.

The modern world depends on innovation, and our pursuit of excellence has prompted ongoing improvement and the addition of novel fields of study and research to make our programmes more current.

A multi-campus, multi-disciplinary university, NMIMS Deemed-to-be-University offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge undergraduate programmes in 14 different areas.




Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.com 18000 489000 36000 3 Years
BBA 25000 150000 50000 3 Years
Diploma 48000 96000 96000 1 Year
MBA 48000 192000 96000 2 Years
Certification 48000 48000 NA  6 Months
Msc 49500 198000 99000 2 Years


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