Maharaja Agrasen College

Maharaja Agrasen College
Rs 50000 - 1 Lakh
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The undergraduate programmes offered by Maharaja Agrasen College include a number of academic fields, including the arts, sciences, and business. The college is renowned for its outstanding academic programmes, commitment to the total development of students, and active student body. It offers a stimulating learning atmosphere that encourages creativity, ethical ideals, and critical thinking.
The faculty of the college is made up of seasoned teachers, accomplished researchers, and subject matter authorities. The academic staff is committed to encouraging research and innovation, providing high-quality instruction, and mentoring students. To engage students and improve their grasp of the subjects, they use interactive teaching techniques like lectures, seminars, workshops, and practical sessions.
The development of one’s complete personality and extracurricular activities are both valued equally at Maharaja Agrasen College. There are several societies, clubs, and cultural organisations at the college that put on performances, contests, and seminars in subjects including music, dance, theatre, photography, literature, and more. Students get the chance to demonstrate their skills, grow as leaders, and foster their passions through these activities.
Modern amenities include well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, a library, and sports facilities are present on the college site. It offers a relaxing and supportive environment that is ideal for learning and development. Additionally, the college provides a range of support services for students, such as career counselling, job placement aid, and counselling.


Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
B.Sc 8650 * 51900 * 17300 * 3 Years
BA(Hons.) 6650 * 39900 * 13300 * 3 Years
B.Com (Hons.) 7150 * 42900 * 14300 * 3 Years
B.SC(Hons.) 9150 * 54900 * 18300 * 3 Years
BA 6650 * 39900 * 13300 * 3 Years
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