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The foremost AACSB-accredited management school in India, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad , was founded in 1980 and places a strong emphasis on developing leaders via innovation, execution, and social responsibility. Over the past four decades, IMTG has offered highly sought-after postgraduate programmes. Currently, IMTG offers five AICTE-approved programmes: the two-year PGDM programmes, the PGDM BFS (banking and financial services), the 18-month PGDM ExP, and the fellow programme in management (FPM).

Lajpat Rai Educational organisation (LES), an organisation properly registered under the Government of India’s Societies Act of 1860, has established IMT Ghaziabad.

Institute of Management & Technology (IMT) has continuously been rated as one of the best management schools in the nation.

Today, thousands of professionals serving in leadership roles in the most prestigious organisations in India and around the world, including those in the key business functions of Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Consulting, Information Technology, Marketing, and Finance, are proud to call it their alma mater. It has produced over 1000 C-suite executives.
To be a premier management institution that excels at developing leadership, entrepreneurial potential, and research via research that advances business and society.
Create intellectual capital through scholarly and application-focused research that is pertinent to the setting of its developing techno-civilization.

Develop a perspective that values inclusiveness, diversity, and moral participation in the globalised business world.

The academic building celebrates open spaces and natural light while showcasing contemporary design, providing state-of-the-art teaching resources, and creating a lively and energetic mood in the precinct. 15 cutting-edge, futuristic classrooms with the best audio-visual and interactive technologies are housed in the academic building. The guesthouse for participants in the short-term executive programmes is located in the MDRC block and was recently renovated. In order to give the MDP programme participants additional comfort and elegance, we have also upgraded the room interiors.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
PGDM 37500 150000 75000 2 Years
BBA 20000 120000 40000 3 Years
BCA 20000 120000 40000 3 Years
MBA 32500 130000 65000 2 Years
MCA 48750 195000 97500 2 Years


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