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Lakulish Yoga University, A private university called Lakulish Yoga University is situated next to Nirma University in Chharodi, Gujarat, India, not far from Ahmedabad. Through the 2013 Gujarat Private Universities (Amendment) Act, the university was founded by the Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission (LIFE Mission). It offers yoga-related higher education courses.
Private Lakulish Yoga University is a member of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. LYU is placed 62 among Gujarat’s other universities in the 2020 Gujarat University Ranking. The institution provides a variety of yoga programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, as well as doctoral levels. The cost of the courses is reasonable and can be afforded by the students.

The criteria used to determine admission to the courses include grades obtained in the qualifying exam for the relevant course.
An auditorium is also present.

Large library with a collection of rare books on a variety of subjects, including spirituality, physical as well as mental health, and numerous old Hindu scriptures.

Large academic classes, practical rooms, offices, and staff rooms are all available as classrooms at the top and have advanced modernization. The instructors and staff fully support the requirements of the students and work to meet their requests for books or opportunities to showcase their talents. The institution also employs enough non-technical employees to foster an environment where students can learn on their own.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA Karma Gyan & Bhakti Yoga 99000 594000 198000 3 Years
B.Sc Yoga 153000 918000 306000 3 Years
Diploma in Asthanga Yogga 93000 372000 186000 2 Years
Diploma in Karma Gyan Bhakti yoga 24000 96000 48000 2 Years
M.Phill Asthang Yoga 216250 865000 432500 2 Years
M.Phill Karma gyan and Bhakti yoga 188750 755000 377500 2 Years
M.Sc Yoga NA NA NA 2 Years
PGD Yoga Therapy NA NA NA 1.6 Years
MA Yoga NA NA NA 2 Years


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