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Integrated Academy of Management and Technology (INMANTEC Institutions), a cutting-edge educational institution in Delhi NCR, was founded in 1995. Under the leadership of Shri. Shiromani Sharma, we continuously demonstrate our excellence by offering the most fruitful educational experience to the students with the assistance of highly educated and well-trained faculty members, collectively assisting us in becoming one of the best management colleges in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR.

Our MBA and MCA programmes are accredited by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), and our BBA, BCA, LLB, and B.Ed programmes are offered by Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS, Meerut).

With the use of all available resources, INMANTEC Institutions seeks to improve professionalism by enhancing students’ professional and personal development in accordance with market needs. We distinguish themselves from other B colleges in Ghaziabad by producing great professionals with excellent industrial ties.

By delivering research-focused professional courses, industry-sponsored programmes and consulting assignments, organising conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events, and publishing research-focused journals, we aim to provide the most efficient learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities for students, faculty, and society at large.

Increase your oversight of the professional course admissions process.
produce highly regarded professionals for both the needs of business and society.
To surpass stakeholder expectations, monitor and continuously improve internal procedures.

A full-time, two-year university programme that offers the top MBA programmes in Up with the best instructors and facilities. The top MBA school in Ghaziabad is INMANTEC.

Students at an Inmantec university finish a digital marketing certification programme in addition to receiving a conventional MBA degree. Every applicant now has access to a wide range of work prospects in every reputable industry thanks to this supplementary programme. It not only ensures well-paying jobs but also the rapid growth of the Internet industry over the following ten years.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Ed 26000 156000 52000 3 Years
BBA 30000 180000 60000 3 Years
MCA 40000 160000 80000 2 Years
LLB 19750 197500 39500 5 Years
BCA 30000 180000 60000 3 Years
BALLB 23000 230000 46000 5 Years
B.Com 17500 105000 35000 3 Years


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