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The sixth institution to join the IIT brotherhood is the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati, which was founded in 1994. In 1995, IIT Guwahati’s academic program got underway. The Institute currently offers B.Tech., B.Des., M.A., M.Des., M.Tech., M.Sc., MBA, and Ph.D. programs. These are in eleven departments, seven interdisciplinary academic centers, and five schools. These cover all the major engineering, science, healthcare, management, and humanities fields. In a short amount of time, IIT Guwahati was able to establish a top-notch infrastructure for conducting cutting-edge research. Also, was furnished with cutting-edge scientific and engineering equipment. In addition to its accomplishments in teaching and research, IIT Guwahati has been able to substantially meet the expectations of people in the North East region since its founding.

The huge 285-hectare campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is located about 20 kilometers from the city’s center on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. The campus offers an excellent environment for studies with the imposing Brahmaputra on one side and hills and large open areas on the other.

The operations of the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati include research as a key component. The Institute carries out academic research throughout all of its departments and academic centers. The university’s faculty members also work on research projects funded by different businesses and governmental organizations. These sponsored studies have a variety of objectives, from expanding theoretical understanding to creating new technologies to address real-world issues.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech 100000 800000 200000 4 Years
B.Des 100000 800000 200000 4 Years
MA 3000 12000 6000 2 Years
M.Sc 3000 12000 6000 2 Years
MBA 225000 900000 450000 2 Years
M.Tech 25000 100000 50000 2 Years
MDes 25000 100000 50000 2 Years
MS(R) 25000 100000 50000 2 Years
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