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Since its founding in 1955, the Assam Engineering College has been recognized as the top institution in the North East for this field and stands tall with dignity as a result of the large number of engineers who have graduated from its mainspring. One must pass the challenging Assam CEE exams, which are held each May, in order to get admitted to this institute’s first class. The college is tucked away from the hubbub of the nation’s capital, Guwahati, and is flanked by hills and vibrant flame trees that cover several acres of land.

The Assam Engineering College Library was established in 1955, the same year the college was founded. It strengthens the Institute’s teaching, research, and extension programs. Upon acquiring a library membership, all Institute faculty and students are eligible to access the facilities. There is a well-stocked reading room with subscriptions to several daily newspapers, weekly magazines, periodicals, and journals covering a wide range of topics. The Library serves as a resource center and, in addition to housing a sizable collection of books on engineering, science, management, and the humanities, it also facilitates the effective transfer of knowledge by acting as a channel for faculty and students of the institute.

Assam Engineering College’s Central Computing Center (CCC) is a central facility that serves the needs of the school’s academic departments and other divisions. The CCC is located in a different structure. Regarding computing resources, Internet access, and campus-wide networking, the Centre has one of the region’s most envious infrastructures. Modern equipment is available at the center.


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BE 5500 44000 11000 4 Years
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