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In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, there is a public state institution called the Gujarat institution. At the undergraduate level, the university is an affiliating institution, and at the graduate level, it is a teaching institution. The NAAC has given it a B++ rating.
In the 1920s, a number of influential figures, including Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Anandshankar Dhruv, Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, and Mahatma Gandhi advocated for the establishment of the institution. The university was eventually founded shortly after India gained its independence. Ahmedabad Education Society, a significant educational institution in Gujarat at the time, gave rise to Gujarat University.It was established as a teaching and affiliating university in 1949 in accordance with the Gujarat University Act of the Gujarati Government.

At the undergraduate level, it is an affiliating university, and at the postgraduate level, it is a teaching university. Nearly 300,000 students attend classes, faculties, and related institutes at universities. The university accepts both enrolled students and non-students. As of 2014, affiliates included 285 colleges, 35 institutes with approval, and 20 recognised institutions.

The Gujarat University Act of 1949 serves as the foundation for the university’s structure.
The districts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Kheda all have affiliated institutions and universities (with the exception of Vallabh Vidyanagar in Anand Taluka and the region within 5 miles [8.0 km] of the Sardar Patel University headquarters).

Atmaram Gajjar created the university’s main tower building.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration 128167 769000 256334 3 Years
B.Sc NA NA NA 3 Years
BA NA NA NA 3 Years
MBBS 242546 2668000 485091 5 Years 6 Months
MBA NA NA NA 2 Years
B.Ed NA NA NA 2 Years NA NA NA 2 Years
BDS NA NA NA 5 Years
LLB NA NA NA 3 Years
MA NA NA NA 2 Years
B.Arch NA NA NA 5 Years
BPT NA NA NA 4 Year 6 Months
M.Sc NA NA NA 2 Years
MD NA NA NA 3 Year
BCA NA NA NA 3 Years


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