Government College, Ludhiana

Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh
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This university, originally called Imperial College, Ludhiana, was founded in 1920. It has made enormous contributions to the region’s academic environment. The name was afterward changed to Government College for Boys, Ludhiana. It grew into a renowned institution under the direction of principal A.C.C. Hervey, who served in this college with great dedication for 15 years (1927-1942) and has since expanded from strength to strength. In 1976, the Punjab government renamed the college S.C.D. Govt. College in honor of its alumni Satish Chander Dhawan, a prominent space scientist who served the country.


The gender ratio in courses is 50.50, students can organize parties on their behalf, college faculty organizes various workshops, youth services club, NSS, NCC, and red ribbon club, all religions are welcome, and no politics. Because it is a government institute, economic status will be dependent on the government.


Our faculty is well educated and largely Ph.D. holders. Our college’s teachers incorporate extra creativity into the classroom, which is both intriguing and fun. Many of the teachers have also written books.



The fees for the hostel and the mess are not the same. The hostel is also excellent. There are three types of flour. Students who live a long distance from campus will stay in a hostel. One advantage of having a college hostel on campus is that students have less difficulty getting to class on time.


Someone has well-stocked the library with new books, journals, magazines, and newspapers, as well as e-books and e-journals on two floors. The library contains about 1,07,400 volumes, 6300 e-journals, 2 lakh eBooks, and subscriptions to four journals, twenty newspapers, and forty periodicals. The first floor houses a reading room. In addition to the central library, each department has its own library where students can obtain course-related materials. The institution also has a separate library for evening college, which contains 6230 books.  .


Our programs placed approximately 95% of students. The largest salary package available was 7.8 LPA, while the lowest was 4.8 LPA. The top hiring firms were Deloitte, Wipro, IBM, and others.

Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.SC 8,800 52,800 17,600 3 YEARS
B.COM 8,700 52,200 17400 3 YEARS
BBA 18,000 108,000 36,000 3 YEARS
BA 7,600 45,600 15,200 3 YEARS
MA 7,500 45,000 15,000 3 YEARS


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