Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh
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Pharmaceutical sciences are covered in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes offered by DIPSAR. The school wants to equip its students with thorough information, useful skills, and moral principles so they can succeed in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, research, and healthcare.
The faculty of DIPSAR is made up of highly qualified educators, accomplished scientists, and business experts who are committed to giving students a top-notch education. To make sure that students obtain a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, they use contemporary teaching approaches, hands-on demonstrations, laboratory experiments, and research projects.
The institution supports pharmaceutical sciences research and innovation. It motivates academic staff and students to work on research projects, submit manuscripts to reputable journals, and attend conferences and seminars held both domestically and abroad. To promote research collaborations and knowledge exchange, DIPSAR works with universities, research organisations, and the pharmaceutical industry.
DIPSAR also stresses the value of practical training and industry exposure. Through internships, industrial visits, and training programmes, the university collaborates with pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, and healthcare organisations to give students the opportunity to get real-world experience. Students’ understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s practical components as well as the development of their professional skills and employability are all benefited by this experience.


Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
B.Pharma (Lateral) 18950 * 113700 * 37900 * 3 Years
B.Pharma 18950 * 151600 * 37900 * 4 Years
D.Pharma 6000 * 24000 * 12000 * 2 Years
M.Pharma 25500 * 102000 * 51000 * 2 Years
P.h.D 16750 * 100500 * 33500 * 3 Years
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