Institute of Banking & Finance

Institute of Banking & Finance
Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh
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A recognised educational facility that focuses on offering thorough training and instruction in the field of banking and finance is the Institute of Banking & Finance. It is committed to giving people the knowledge, abilities, and competencies they need to succeed in the vibrant and constantly changing financial sector.
In order to meet the demands of aspiring professionals, bankers, finance experts, and others wishing to improve their abilities in the banking and finance industry, the Institute of Banking & Finance offers a wide variety of programmes and courses. These courses cover a range of topics, including investment banking, risk management, financial planning, financial analysis, and banking operations.
The Institute of Banking & Finance’s faculty is formed up of highly qualified professionals, subject matter authorities in their fields, and academicians who offer a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. To make sure that students have a thorough comprehension of the material, they use a blend of theoretical principles, case studies, hands-on activities, and industry best practices.
The institute focuses on giving its students real experience and hands-on instruction. To promote industry contact and knowledge sharing, it arranges industrial visits, guest lectures by industry experts, workshops, and seminars. These programmes support students in developing the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, as well as gaining a practical understanding of the banking and financial business.


Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
Advanced Diploma in Banking & 80500* 483000* 161000* 3 Years
B.Com (Dual Specialization in Banking & Finance) + CS(Integrated) 115000* 690000* 230000* 3 Years
Advanced Diploma in Banking & 80500* 483000* 161000* 3 Years


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