University Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata

Rs 50000 - 1 Lakh
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The University of Engineering & Management (UEM) seeks to give students a worldwide experience and exposure. This is done through cutting-edge teaching methods and programs that are specifically designed (technical & soft skills) for the labor market. Which ultimately provides them a competitive edge during placements.

Robotics, computer programming, and automobiles are among the research fields. A few of these organizations are IEEE, Kshitij (hosted by IIT Kharagpur), Techkriti (hosted by IIT Kanpur), Srijan (a tech fest hosted by Jadavpur University), and Techtrix (hosted by RCCIIT), among others. Also, students may apply to participate in research programs at the national and international levels. These are SPIE, Inspire (a Ministry of Science and Technology program), and UEMCON. Student chapters of SPIE and The Optical Society of America (OSA) are also present at the university.

Aside from this, a variety of workshops and seminars are held on the campus of the institution, including ones on robots, ethical hacking, cars, programming, Android app development, Python, and aircraft technology.

The University of Engineering & Management in Kolkata continues to be the top choice for hiring by a wide range of reputable international businesses. The university has effectively established a benchmark in the field of holistic education by excelling in the delivery of high-quality education and cultivating industry-ready programs to provide the best on-campus placements down the road. normal pre-placement coaching to improve students’ aptitude skills, coding abilities, and soft skills is a crucial component of the normal curriculum and is provided by a highly respected team of professors who are highly regarded in the business. Additionally, the Corporate Relations & Career Development Cell (CRCDC) simultaneously contributes significantly to framing the outstanding placement record to further the accomplishments.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech 85500 684000 171000 4 Years
BBA 62500 375000 125000 3 Years
BCA 62500 375000 125000 3 Years
BBA LLB 55000 330000 110000 3 Years
BHHM 55000 330000 110000 3 Years
MCA 55000 220000 110000 2 Years
MBA 115000 460000 230000 2 Years
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