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At the T20 Summit in Mysuru, the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Shell Group of Companies India will release the paper titled “India transforming to a net-zero emissions energy system: A Call to Action to 2030.”

A scenario sketch for India illustrating the various possibilities available for the country to go to a net-zero energy system was produced in 2021 by The Energy and Resources Institute and Shell in collaboration. The report’s release in 2023 builds on earlier studies and identifies important areas for the country to concentrate on in order to accomplish its 2030 NDC targets and long-term net zero aim.

With the help of initiatives started during this crucial decade, the nation will be able to switch to a low-carbon energy system. Given this background, the report investigates decarbonization measures.

In light of this environment, the report examines decarbonization efforts in a variety of industries, including power, business, transportation, agriculture, and construction.
The research examines a number of decarbonization pathways and identifies a number of necessary steps to decarbonize the Indian economy.

The goal of TERI is to help society make the transition to a more sustainable and clean future by conserving energy, utilising resources more effectively, and coming up with creative solutions to reduce and reuse trash.We carry out our mission by concentrating on the following main objectives:
Increasing everyone’s access to renewable energy
Assisting the world’s shift to renewable energy sources
Improve energy efficiency, particularly in buildings, public utilities, and enterprises.
Enabling the more effective utilisation of commodities, particularly iron and cement
Improving water use, access, and conservation, including watershed management
Enhancing resistance to cyclones, changes in hydrology, and temperature brought on by climate change

Accelerating the reduction of pollution through novel regulations and environmental products
Improving environmental services, particularly those related to forestry and biodiversity
Creating green transport options
Creating creative city and regional air quality solutions



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