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The Pondicherry Central University is associated with the Tagore Government College of Education in Port Blair, which is run by A&N Administration. We approach education differently at TGCE. The quantification of knowledge does not, in our opinion, constitute education. However, it is the caliber of information that shapes the trainees’ personalities and makes them become competent, committed, compassionate, and dedicated teachers who can benefit society.  We instill moral principles in the students because this is a teacher training institute. It offers a platform for trainees to continue their studies through a variety of educational initiatives and experiences.

The library at Tagore Government College of Education has more than 13,000 books, something we are proud of. It is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on all College working days, and during this time, books are distributed. The trainees and employees can use the Reading Room, Reference Section, and Journal Section. A fully functional electronic lab is operating in the College to fulfill the requirement of Digital Electronics and Microprocessor for the trainees of Computer Science. It features four working tables with microprocessor kits that may accommodate 12 learners at once.

Recently, a language lab that can accommodate 20 students at once was made operational in an effort to develop trainees’ capacity for language acquisition. There are two computer labs at TGCE. To familiarize the trainees with computer technology, Computer Labs I and II each have about 30 and 12 computers, respectively. The College has a unique Microteaching Lab/Smart Classroom where learners receive instruction to individually hone different teaching skills. Additionally, it serves as a Smart Classroom where students are exposed to online instruction.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Ed 2000 8000 4000 2 Years
B.Sc B.Ed 2000 16000 4000 4 Years
BA B.Ed 2000 16000 4000 4 Years
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