St. Stephen’s College

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One of India’s most esteemed and established colleges is St. Stephen’s College, which is situated in Delhi. The institution, which was founded in 1881 and is connected to the University of Delhi, provides undergraduate and graduate programmes in a range of subject areas. With a long history, St. Stephen’s College has developed a solid reputation for academic quality, intellectual rigour, and all-around growth.
The demanding curriculum and high academic standards at St. Stephen’s College are well renowned. The institution offers a wide range of undergraduate programmes in the arts, sciences, and business. The curriculum aims to cultivate critical thinking, analytical abilities, and the development of a well-rounded personality in addition to giving students a solid foundation in their chosen disciplines. In a few fields, the college also provides postgraduate programmes.
The professors on the St. Stephen’s College faculty are specialists in their professions and are highly educated and experienced. They are dedicated to giving students a top-notch education, including them in thought-provoking discussions, and promoting a culture of inquiry and exploration. Along with teaching, faculty members mentor students, fostering both their intellectual and personal development.
The general growth of students and extracurricular activities are highly valued at St. Stephen’s College. There are many different groups, clubs, and sports teams at the college, which boasts a thriving student life. Students have the chance to follow their interests, show off their talents, and gain leadership qualities through these extracurricular activities. The institution also hosts seminars, conferences, debates, and other activities that enhance the vibrant and intellectually stimulating campus environment.

Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
BA 20210 * 121260 * 40420 * 3 Years
BA(Hons.) 20210 * 121260 * 40420 * 3 Years
B.SC 21417 * 128505 * 42835 * 3 Years
B.SC(Hons.) 21417 * 128505 * 42835 * 3 Years


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