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As stated in our mission and vision statements, Shobhit University is committed to strategic expansion in order to deliver high-quality education through vertical and horizontal integration. It aspires to develop into a top-tier university with a worldwide outlook that trains the next generation of world leaders. Therefore, the University’s challenge is to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge knowledge while adhering to the best worldwide academic practice(s).

Shobhit University hopes to make academic concerns and commitments the top priorities of the next generation and, in doing so, significantly contribute to the advancement of academia everywhere. The University works to empower children by supporting high-quality research, education, and innovation. The enlightened community at Shobhit University is led by innovation and inspired by talent that is always being developed.
The University brings its goal to life by pursuing excellence in engineering, technology, and management based on the basics of 21st century education to satisfy fundamental human needs and promote inclusive growth and global development.

Academic centres and programmes of the university concentrate on teaching and doing research in certain fields of study, and they disseminate their findings to the state, the country, and the rest of the globe. We at Shobhit are dedicated to conducting research with the utmost quality and making sure that it benefits society. In addition to our accomplishments in fundamental research, we are also well-positioned to make significant contributions to applied research thanks to the quality and diversity of our research across the departments of Ayurved, Agriculture Informatics, Bio-Informatics, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Electronics, Informatics & Computer Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Pharmacy, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Management Studies, Humanities, Education, Law, and Naturopathy & Yoga.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech 55000 440000 110000 4 Years
BBA 40000 240000 80000 3 Years
LLB 25000 250000 50000 5 Years
MBA 65000 260000 130000 2 Years
M.Sc 25000 100000 50000 2 Years
B.Sc 35000 21000 70000 3 Years


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