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As,Shikshapeeth College of Management & Technology, The key to the future’s vast potential and ability to turn dreams into reality is education. The Shikshapeeth programme aims to supply the global economy with tomorrow’s top managers and professionals. As a school, we feel that providing high-quality instruction together with professional grooming and a good attitude is our main obligation.

Shikshapeeth College of Management and Technology is driven to create high-quality educational models and provide its students with world-class education. We warmly welcome you to this world of possibility, all-encompassing education, employable skills, and leadership.

As, We think education should be useful both personally and professionally for a lifetime because learning is a continual process. We are looking for young people who are curious, willing to take on new challenges, and eager to set standards. Shikshapeeth College of Management & Technology has a curriculum that has been painstakingly created, high-quality faculty, current resources, and effective teaching techniques.

With national and international partnerships, we provide courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels, giving our students access to an education of the highest calibre. We provide a wide variety of graduate courses in management and information technology through our innovative CORPORATE INTERFACE PROGRAMME. Our fully web-based e-learning system guarantees the most cutting-edge course model.

This will also assist us in contributing to the creation of a society that is based on values, knowledge, and ethos.

In order for our students to explore, invent, and realise the full potential of a quality education, the trust works to offer them with an education of a worldwide level. With our welcoming policies, we aim to to showcase our transparency and student friendly attitude.



Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Com 38000 228000 76000 3 Years
BCA 45000 270000 90000 3 Years
MBA 40000 160000 80000 2 Years
BBA 45000 270000 90000 2 Years


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