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By an act of the then-Bombay Province’s Legislative Assembly, Sardar Patel University was founded in December 1955. In October 1968, it received recognition under Section 2f of the UGC Act. The institution has just finished 56 years of its most prosperous existence, which has helped it become a leader in terms of academic excellence.
There are 148 colleges that are connected with Sardar Patel University, along with a constituent college and 27 postgraduate departments. The linked colleges and institutions provide 31 PG programmes. The postgraduate teaching course is offered by a number of faculties, including those in the arts, business, management, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, homoeopathy, and law.

Postgraduate degree programmes, postgraduate diploma programmes, diploma programmes, and advanced certificate programmes are all included in education.

Along with traditional classroom teaching techniques, contemporary strategies including seminars, group discussions, field trips to businesses and institutions, and equipment like overhead projectors, multimedia projectors, and a range of audio-visual aids are utilised to enhance learning.

With so many different subjects available, any prospective student can decide what they want to accomplish while pursuing higher education.
revitalization of rural Indian life through the use of study and research in all fields of knowledge in line with contemporary developments on a global scale.
The vision of Sardar Patel University is to nurture talent, skill, and a scientific mindset in order to realise human potential.
knowledge creation.

Development of wisdom.
Maintenance of a joyous spirit.
In order to provide access to higher education for the rural population.
To continuously explore new scientific and technological frontiers.

To continuously set and attain new standards of excellence in research in the humanities and social sciences.
Keep concentrating on key issues in all the disciplines through homegrown research and foreign partnerships.

To develop into a reputable, financially stable institution on an international level.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
M.SC 34070 136180 68140 2 Years
BHMS NA NA NA 5 Years 6 Month
B.Sc 117278 704000 234556 3 Years
MBA 34070 136180 68140 2 Years
LLB NA NA NA 3 Years
B.Ed NA NA NA 3 Years
B.Com NA NA NA 3 Years


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