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As Temple Medical School, Patna Medical College was founded in 1874 with an enrollment of 30 students and tuition of Rs. 2 per student for the entire duration. Further, In this institution, postgraduate instruction in orthopedics, physiology, gynecology, and radiotherapy was first introduced to all of independent India. Weekly seminars and integrated vertical and horizontal instruction are common features of this institution.
The Patna-based Aryabhatta Knowledge University is now associated with the Patna Medical College. Furthermore, this college serves as the main source of medical training and care for the general public in this state as well as the surrounding region of neighboring states. The future is as bright as the past for Patna Medical College.

The administrative Block’s ground level houses the college library. In 1982, a subscription of 50 journals was taken. The number of journals has now been increased to 120. There are 6198 books in the library overall. We also give our students access to a top-notch lab where they may maximize their learning opportunities. By offering top-notch lecture halls, we give our students the greatest learning environment possible. where students can get the finest possible academic experiences with their study activities. Also, there are six dorms for boys and one for ladies in the campus. 346 students are housed in the male dormitories and 197 in the female ones.

The Patna General Hospital underwent a complete transformation in the years 1925–1926 as a result of the Temple Medical School’s transformation into a medical college and the Hospital’s elevation to the standard suited for the training of medical graduates; it then took the name Patna Medical College Hospital. The Patna Medical College Hospital, which had 513 beds, had a sizable main block with two stories, as well as two operating rooms. Further, this building included an electrotherapeutic department, 3 cabins, 4 surgical wards, 4 medical wards, and 1 female surgical ward. The block containing the E.N.T. department had 4 cabins, 86 beds, and an operating room.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
MBBS 3050 24400 6100 5.5 Years
MD 250 1500 500 2 Years
MS 250 1500 500 2 Years
PG Diploma 140 560 280 2 Years
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