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NSHM Knowledge Campus was the first to offer professional degree programs that were in line with market demands. It is one of the top universities in Eastern India. Since its establishment in 1996, NSHM Knowledge Campus has endeavoured to deliver high-quality education in a range of subjects. These include business & management, health sciences, computing and analytics, media and communication, design, engineering, and technology.

In an effort to satisfy changing demands of India and the needs of the world, we have always worried about the future. Also, experimented with providing full-time degree programs that are forward-looking. Furthermore, over the past five years, new-age degree programs have been added. These areas include AI & Machine Learning, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Yoga, Data Science, Fashion Design, and Culinary Science to give interested students the chance to learn about and explore fascinating career choices in these developing industries In the heart of Durgapur city stands the 25-acre NSHM Knowledge Campus. The option to live close to nature is available to students. The campus is equipped with a variety of modern labs, classrooms, seminar rooms, libraries, canteens, sports facilities, cafes, and other recreational amenities including dorms for both men and women that include a gaming area, gym, common room, and dining halls The CRTT cell assists students with job placement. Additionally, it organizes year-round events like trips to businesses, workshops, discussions with business leaders, grooming sessions, mock interviews, resume improvement, LinkedIn profile construction, and more. These are conducted with the intention of fostering in pupils a professional mindset and preparing them to ace placement interviews.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Sc 35416 212500 70833 3 Years
B.Optom 54687 437500 109375 4 Years
BBA 43750 262500 87500 3 Years
BCA 56250 337500 112500 3 Years
B.Tech 44000 352000 88000 4 Years
BHMCT 54687 437500 109375 4 Years
M.Sc 53125 212500 106250 2 Years
M.Optom 65625 262500 131250 2 Years
MBA 115625 462500 231250 2 Years
MTTM 53125 212500 106250 2 Years
MHA 103125 412500 206250 2 Years
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