National Institute of Technology

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Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India’s Public Foundation of Innovation Hamirpur is a specialized public college. The Indian government classified it as an Institute of National Importance under the National Institutes of Technology Act.

In 1984, the Territorial Designing School was founded. In 2003, the Indian parliament accorded it NIT status. National Institute of Technology Hamirpur offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in architecture, engineering, pure sciences, and humanities.


Someone has set up the establishing grounds in the Himachal Pradesh district of Hamirpur, India, at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level. Someone has stretched the grounds across 320 sections of land and placed them on a hilly terrain bordered by pine trees. The distance to the grounds from Hamirpur’s main transportation end is around 4 kilometers. Kangra Airport is the nearest airport, at 86.9 kilometers. The grounds have easy access to transportation and taxi offices.

PC Center

PC Center is a central office that handles scholastic division needs. The goal of the center is to provide expert forms of assistance, advance, and help the utilization of new calculating innovation among understudies, staff, and organizations.

Central Library

In 1986, Government Polytechnic Hamirpur library in a single room and in 1988, they relocated it to the institute site in Visvesvarya Block. IA separate structure houses it with a floor space of 3200 square meters.


NIT Hamirpur has both indoor and outdoor sports offices. At the collegiate level, groups are encouraged to engage in rivalry. Karate, cricket, football, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and athletics are among the sports available. We mark annual athletic festivities like Lalkar with a range of events like the relay, shot throw, and 100-meter dash, among others.

Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech 46069 368550 92138 4 years
B.Tech+M.Tech 45335 453350 90670 5 years
MBA 46213 184850 92425 2 years
M.Tech 46213 184850 92425 2 years
B.Arch 44160 441600 88320 5 years


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