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A Regional Engineering College in Assam, the National Institute of Technology, Silchar was founded in 1967 and is one of the 31 National Institutes of Technology in India. In order to address local, national, and international economic and social needs as well as the needs of human society as a whole, NIT Silchar’s vision is to establish a distinctive identity by developing high-quality human and knowledge resources in a variety of technological fields. The goal of NIT Silchar is to develop young people into ethically sound engineers, technologists, and scientists while also inspiring them to actively contribute to society’s advancement. This is accomplished by motivating them to achieve professional greatness.

The institute grants B.Tech. degrees in each of the six engineering departments’ disciplines. JEE-Main is the entrance exam for various programs. The institute also admits non-resident Indians through a separate program called Direct Admission for Students Abroad (DASA) and international nationals through scholarships provided by the Government of India. The first year of the four-year B.Tech curriculum is spent teaching students the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, professional communication, fundamentals of computer programming, basic engineering drawing, and the fundamentals of the mechanical workshop.

Every year in the month of October, NIT Silchar hosts the Tecnoesis Technical and management festival. It includes a variety of activities, including contests, displays, coding competitions, hackathons, robotics competitions, and speeches by international speakers. Every February, the annual Incandescence cultural festival takes place. Artists, singers, and celebrities from all around the nation are welcomed. It also includes ThunderMarch, a metal concert, and the Gliterati, the annual fashion exhibition of NITS.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Tech 72600 580800 145200 4 Years
M.Tech 40970 163880 81940 2 Years
M.Sc 13970 55880 27940 2 Years
MBA 87370 349480 174740 2 Years
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