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Monad University, Monad Educational Society (MES), a non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Delhi, is the principal sponsoring body in charge of founding Monad University. The university supports three goals: “personal growth,” “efficacy in life,” and “public welfare” and aspires to be the next-largest institution in the city and the entire world. The university was founded with a purpose to giving students a welcoming environment where they can learn freely, find solutions to the problems they face every day, and thrive to become the leaders of the next generation. With its wide selection of courses, Monad University, a promising institution, provides excellent opportunities to prospective students looking to advance their careers.

The university also wants to support excellence in research, teaching, and academic advancement. Experts from a variety of fields have been carefully chosen, screened, and assembled in order to influence the future students’ professions and impart complete knowledge of their fields. University research is interdisciplinary in nature. The University also recognises the requirements for living a dignified life and attempts to provide those needs. We anticipate that even you will find a home at Monad University.

The Monad University is committed to making its students highly proficient, socially conscious, and morally upright.
The Monad University strives to be a well regarded centre of excellence in technical education, the humanities, and research on a global scale. It works to accomplish this by offering cutting-edge, career-focused courses, hiring qualified and driven teachers, building cutting-edge facilities, forming strategic alliances with business and professional organisations, and encouraging a high standard of living on campus.



Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Sc 5250 31500 10500 3 Years
B.Tech 75500 604000 151000 3 Years
Diploma 3167 19000 6334 3 Years
MBA 30500 122000 61000 2 Years
M.Tech 5250 31500 10500 2 Years
Polytechnic 17500 105000 35000 3 Years


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