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With its 19 constituent institutions, about 39 affiliated colleges, and two law colleges dispersed across the districts of Gaya, Nawada, Jehanabad, Arwal, and Aurangabad, Magadh University has the distinction of being one of the largest universities in Bihar. This tranquil educational institution is located close to Bodh Gaya, the revered location of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment, in a sizable tract of land.

In addition to offering a variety of vocational programs like journalism and mass communication, biochemistry, electronics, environmental science, library science, women’s studies, hotel, hospitality, and tourism management, yoga, education, foreign languages, physiotherapy, and others, Magadh University offers post-graduate instruction in 22 subjects in the faculties of humanities, social sciences, sciences, and commerce.

On its campus at Bodh Gaya. Additionally, many of the university’s colleges provide numerous vocational courses as well as post-graduate facilities in a variety of topic areas. The heart of a university is its faculty and students. The ultimate measure of its value is in its growth and enrichment. Magadh University has passed this test with flying colors. The professors at this university are committed to providing excellent instruction. They participate in and regularly preside over national and international seminars and conferences, publish multiple books with renowned publishers, and provide insightful research papers to important journals.

In addition to the department libraries, the institution contains the Mannulal Central Library, which has multiple floors. There are around 162,245 books, manuscripts, and other reading materials in the main library. It includes a vast selection of books and literature from the past and present, as well as national and international journals.

There are excellent teaching and research labs in every science department, including Psychology and Geography. Each department has access to research facilities. The cutting-edge tools needed for research are available at the science labs.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Ed 54500 218000 109000 2 Years
BA 3097 18579 6193 3 Years
B.Sc 25305 151830 50610 3 Years
MBA 80000 320000 160000 2 Years
MCA 80000 320000 160000 2 Years
M.Ed 45500 182000 91000 2 Years
BBA 30600 183600 61200 3 Years
BA/BBA LLB 28700 287000 57400 5 Years
LLB 21725 130350 43450 3 Years
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