M.S. University Faculty of Fine Arts

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M.S. University Faculty of Fine Arts , One of India’s top universities for the arts is University of Baroda. It has a reputation for encouraging students to take a creative and individualistic approach, and historically it has upheld secularist, humanist, and modernist ideas.
The M.S. University Faculty of Fine Arts has come to represent modernist art practises and experimentation in India over the years. The “Baroda Group” presented their debut exhibition in Bombay in 1956, featuring artists such N. S. Bendre, Jyoti Bhatt, Prafull Dave, Shanti Dave, K.G. Subramanyan, and Jayant Parikh. The Baroda Group continued to hold exhibitions that attracted interest in the west as well as throughout India.

Numerous of our students have been and are currently enrolled in reputable institutions abroad as graduate students, faculty members, and staff members. We are recognised as the top art institute in the nation and around the world. Faculty members have participated in important art exhibitions, published significant and ground-breaking research papers, and held numerous solo exhibitions. These accomplishments have contributed to the development of contemporary art and given faculties a significant presence in both the national and international art scenes.

The Faculty attempts to create a fostering environment for young creative minds through the department libraries, department film screenings, visiting artists, workshops, studio/gallery/museum visits, and other cutting-edge programmes.

Artists like Laxma Goud and Nasreen Mohammedi soon began to enrol in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Sankho Chaudhuri and other senior Baroda artists continued to reside and teach there.

Around the years, artists from the Faculty of Fine Arts have gone on to take part in exhibitions all around the world, including the Paris, So Paulo, and Tokyo Biennales. The Faculty of Fine Arts has produced several of India’s most well-known and prestigious artists throughout its history.



Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
Fine Arts 637000 2548000 1274000 2 Years


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