Lokbharti University For Rural Innovation

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Lokbharti University For Rural Innovation, The first university in the nation to concentrate solely on Lokbharti University For Rural Innovation for Rural Innovation, Sanosara! Under the GUJARAT PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2022, it has been given the status of a private university. It is a piece of a rich tradition of providing higher education in rural areas based on Gandhian educational concepts and Sarvodaya. The founding members of Lokbharati and liberation warriors Padmashree Nanabhai Bhatt, Padmabhushan Manubhai Pancholi, Shree Natvarlal Buch, Shree Moolshankar Bhatt, and Shree Ratibhai Andhariya.

A distinctive educational facility committed to empowering rural people and encouraging innovation for long-term rural development is Lokbharati University for Rural Innovation, Sanosara. Our university, which is situated in the charming rural community of Sanosara, stands out as a model of educational opportunity, social advancement, and inclusive growth. During Lokbharati University,

We think that education is the key to releasing rural communities’ potential and enabling people to become agents of change. Our organisation is firmly anchored in the rural Indian way of life, embracing its rich cultural heritage, native knowledge systems, and customs. We acknowledge the innate knowledge and creativity found in rural areas and work to amplify and harness them for societal advancement.

Our goal is to establish a dynamic innovation ecosystem that promotes social and economic advancement while nurturing local talent and indigenous knowledge.

Also addition to its commitment to academic success, Lokbharati University also prioritises community involvement and teamwork.  By collaborations with governmental entities, NGOs, and business.


Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
BA English NA NA NA 3 Years
BRS Agronomy NA NA NA 3 Years
BRS Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science NA NA NA 3 Years
PGD NGO & CSR Management NA NA NA 2 Years
BA Psychology NA NA NA 3 Years
B.Voc Natural Farming NA NA NA 3 Years
B.voc Agro Processing NA NA NA 3 Years


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