KR Mangalam University

KR Mangalam University
Rs 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh, Rs 50000 - 1 Lakh
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KR Mangalam University was founded in 2013 and is named for eminent educator and philanthropist Kedar Nath Mangalam. KR Mangalam University has become a well-known institution in the higher education sector thanks to its dedication to academic excellence and all-around growth.
In a variety of fields, including engineering, business, law, journalism, architecture, education, and applied sciences, the institution provides a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes. These programmes are made to give students a thorough education that is focused on the workplace, giving them the skills, information, and competencies they need to be successful in their chosen industries.
Practical experience and experiential learning are prioritised at KR Mangalam University. The institution promotes a learning atmosphere where students are encouraged to participate in practical activities, industry internships, research projects, and community service endeavours. This method guarantees that students gain a thorough understanding of applications in the real world and are equipped to deal with difficulties in their professional jobs.
The KR Mangalam University faculty is made up of seasoned teachers, business professionals, and academicians who are committed to fostering their students’ intellectual and personal development. They encourage students’ critical thinking, creativity, and invention by fusing academic knowledge with real-world observations.

Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
BBA 77,500 4,65,000 1,55,000 3 Years
B.Tech 1,05,000 8,40,000 2,10,000 4 Years
B.Sc (Hons) 51,500 3,09,000 1,03,000 3 Years
B.Com (Hons) 65,000 3,90,000 1,30,000 3 Years
BCA 72,500 4,35,000 1,45,000 3 Years
MBA 1,60,000 6,40,000 3,20,000 2 Years
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