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International Media Institute Of India is adamant that modern education should be considered from a global viewpoint. We provide a variety of courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels in accordance with the social climate of the present and the needs of the sector.

Our goal is to create manager-leaders who are rooted in Indian ethos. We provide an engaging educational experience. The faculties’ pedagogy includes the case method, simulation, and experiential learning as well as concept-building lectures, programmed reading, story-telling, meet the mentor-manager, fellowship, and industry visits. The teaching-learning process is further enhanced by the faculties’ extensive knowledge and expertise from global academics and industry.

This combination of experienced faculty with industry experts and quality exposure to corporate life helps to develop the next generation of global leaders. As a result, you will grow intellectually and creatively and improve your ability to solve problems.

In the end, you’ll create a singular route that will fundamentally alter how you learn and create in the future.

International Media Institute Of India works to give its students a solid foundation in management, media, and information technology as well as a sense of social responsibility so they may take on the present and upcoming difficulties facing our nation and apply their knowledge to the global stage.
To contribute to the creation and sharing of knowledge.
Encourage moral and values-based education
To encourage the spirit of nation-building
Teach young people to be sensitive to their communities
To foster adolescent cross-cultural integration and to help pupils cultivate global competencies
Encourage and advance entrepreneurship and creativity
Create society’s thought-provoking leaders
To offer a good, cheap education.
Equip students with talent to meet corporate challenges while transforming their communities and their lives via education.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
PGPBA 7500 30000 15000 3 Years
BBA 6500 39000 13000 3 Years
Ceritification NA 5000 5000 3 Years
MBA 17000 36000 18000 2 Years
M.Sc 17000 36000 18000 2 Years


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