Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Rs 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh
Type: Offline

HIMSR provides medical and allied health science undergraduate and graduate programmes. The college adheres to a thorough and integrated curriculum that blends academic theory with real-world experience, exposure to the medical field, and research. The training programmes are intended to generate skilled and caring healthcare workers who can improve the wellbeing of people and society.
Doctors, professors, and researchers with extensive training in their disciplines make up the faculty at HIMSR. They are committed to giving students a high-quality education and supporting their development both academically and professionally. To make sure that students have a solid foundation in medical sciences and develop the requisite clinical skills and critical thinking abilities, the faculty members use interactive teaching methods, clinical case discussions, hands-on training, and research projects.
The university also emphasises research, and faculty members and students are encouraged to work on research projects, publish papers in scholarly journals, and take part in regional, national, and worldwide conferences. Students and professors at HIMSR can contribute to medical developments and healthcare innovations through research partnerships with other academic institutions, healthcare organisations, and industrial partners.
Social service and community outreach are highly valued by HIMSR. In underserved communities, the institution actively participates in health camps, awareness campaigns, and medical camps, offering medical care and advancing health education. This fosters students’ commitment to giving back to the community and instills a feeling of social responsibility in them.

Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
MBBS 6.33Lakhs * 63.25Lakhs * 12.65Lakhs * 5 Years
M.P.T 1.30Lakhs * 5.22Lakhs * 2.61Lakhs * 2 Years
B.P.T 1.33Lakhs * 10.6Lakhs * 2.65Lakhs * 4 Years
B.SC 1.06Lakhs * 6.36Lakhs * 2.12Lakhs * 3 Years
Ph.D 50000 * 3.03Lakhs * 1.01Lakhs * 3 Years
BOT 1.32Lakhs * 10.6Lakhs * 2.65Lakhs * 4 Years
M.Sc. 67000 * 2.7Lakhs * 1.35Lakhs * 2 Years
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