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Geeta Institute of Law, A law school primarily serves two purposes. The first of these is providing students with ‘case method of instruction’ training in order for them to succeed as legal practitioners. Second, the research culture at law schools helps to implement the reforms that the law and societal concerns demand; this is accomplished with the aid of analytical and scientific analyses of current laws as well as by using the comparative method of study. A law school has a responsibility to highlight a distinctive and strategic method of learning that not only focuses on professional development but also broadens the foundation of legal education through research, publication, and the nature of its instruction.

One of the most famous law schools in the state of Haryana, Geeta Institute of Law offers BA. LL.B (Hons.) for five years, BBA. LL.B (Hons.) for five years, LL.B (3 years), and LL.M (2 years). The institute is quite conveniently situated on Panipat’s G.T. Road, off of NH-1, about 50 miles from Delhi, the Indian capital. The Kurukshetra University in Kurukshetra granted the institute affiliation in 2007, and the Bar Council of India has approved affiliation. Lecture discussion, case law analysis, moot court training, project assignments, court visits, legal aid programmes, and internship and placement programmes are among of the instructional techniques used in GIL.

The institute conducts clinical courses, trains students in legal research and legal writing, and hosts national and international seminars on current legal topics and global concerns. When a student completes the programme, he or she will be completely prepared with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the legal sector to join the legal profession as a full-fledged, responsible member.

The overarching goal of GIL is to excel in every area.

Make an effort to establish technocrats as global citizens.
Provide technical and professional education that is futuristic and to instill a high standard of discipline and sincerity.
To deliver technical and professional education that is both futuristic and instills a high degree of discipline and sincerity.
Promote professional/academic synergies and create strategic partnerships for enhanced upward mobility

To continuously work towards realising our vision and achieving the following goals:

Build environments and facilities of the highest calibre for advanced levels of instruction and practical training.
To cultivate responsible, dedicated, and conscientious global citizens among students.
Educate people on technical and qualitative standards, as well as to develop their mental faculties.
To improve ties with businesses, professional associations, accrediting organisations, and governmental organisations.
Continue being the No. 1 Institute for Placements, guaranteeing that each GIL student receives the best employment possibilities.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
LLB 30750 307500 61500 3 Years
BBA LLB 55500 555000 111000 3 Years
BA LLB 55500 555000 111000 3 Years
LLM 33300 133200 66600 2 Years


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