Don Bosco College Panaji

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Don Bosco College Panaji, which located in the centre of Panjim, the capital of Goa, embodies the shared culture of the many Salesian educational institutions that dot the globe.
The institution, which is based on the Preventive System of Education created by its founder, Don Bosco, has produced excellent outcomes in academics, sports, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.
promoting Don Bosco-style holistic education for young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds so they can become change agents for a better tomorrow.

Students at Don Bosco College Panaji benefit from a robust academic environment and engaging teachers from a variety of academic fields.
Our campus is woven into the fabric of Panjim, a hub for business, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the arts in India. Students take part in distinctive academic experiences in the neighbourhood and around the globe.
Keep up with the schedules for all the academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular activities taking place on campus.
Our student professionals produce a weekly show called Campus Notes for Don Bosco TV in our on-site studio.

Give children a solid foundation in academics, careers, and civic responsibility.
In order to make the young, especially the marginalised, agents of transformation for a better future, we work to promote holistic education in the Don Bosco way.
Reason, religion, and loving kindness are the three pillars on which our educational philosophy and approach are built.
By aiming for close collaboration between academics and value formation, we are able to accomplish this.
The preparation of educators is given particular emphasis.
The presence of instructors and administrators among and for the pupils has developed a family atmosphere.

The leaders of future are the young people of today. This is the motto that our school works to instill in each student. Participating in numerous committees and organisations gives kids the chance to challenge themselves and grow during their time in school by giving them opportunity to test and challenge themselves further.
Additionally, the council elects leaders to assume charge of particular portfolios.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 421167 2527000 842334 3 Years 431335 2588000 862667 3 Years
BCA 75000 450000 150000 3 Years
BBA 97000 582000 194000 3 Years
BSW 1182167 7093000 2364334 3 Years


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