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One of the top educational institutions, Dibrugarh University aims to combine multidisciplinary disciplines with a variety of theoretical viewpoints, the world of cultural diversity with knowledge in practice, and local problems with a global perspective. The industrial-academia relationship at the university is active and fruitful. The University provides dynamic educational experiences that equip the next generation to lead, make a difference, and so contribute to society as a whole. This is made possible by its strong global connections in teaching and research programs. The University is home to 177 associated institutions and institutes, which are dispersed throughout Assam’s nine districts.

The Dibrugarh University is located on a 550-acre campus that is spread out and beautiful. It is well-known across the world for producing high-quality tea, and it is also noted for having abundant reserves of resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. From a natural and ecological standpoint, the region is fascinating due to its diverse flora and wildlife. This neighborhood is particularly desirable for academics from around the world because of the diverse population that makes up its multicolored ethnic mosaic.

The University has made a significant contribution to the academic, cultural, and economic development of not only North East India but also of the entire nation by staying true to its mission of spreading the wings of holistic education and inspiring a passion for research and development among generations of students. It takes pleasure in reaching the learners in the many parts of our country and supports a variety of knowledge-formation and -dissemination mechanisms, ‘letting the learners reach’ the institute. The University stands for a cross-cultural network of links and distinctions that is dynamic, living, expanding, animating, and a force field of varying ethnicities.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 2090 12540 4180 3 Years
B.Com 2090 12540 4180 3 Years
M.Com 3300 26400 6600 2 Years
MBA 26190 104760 52380 2 Years
B.Ed 4440 17760 8880 2 Years
B.Sc+M.Sc 3590 35900 7180 5 Years
M.Sc 4780 19120 9560 2 Years
B.Tech 55065 440520 110130 4 Years
M.Tech 31190 124760 62380 2 Years
M.Phil 3000 12000 6000 2 Years
B.Pharma 2410 19280 4820 4 Years
BBA 15690 94140 31380 3 Years
B.Lib.I.Sc 8090 16180 16180 1 Year
BCA 14690 88140 29380 3 Years
LLM 23190 92760 46380 2 Years
M.Ed 4440 17760 8880 2 Years
M.Pharma 55710 222840 111420 2 Years
M.Lib.I.Sc 10390 20780 20780 1 Year
MCA 26690 106760 53380 2 Years
B.P.Ed 16190 64760 32380 2 Years
M.P.Ed 19690 78760 39380 2 Years
MSW 21190 84760 42380 2 Years
BA LLB 16190 64760 32380 5 Years
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