Delhi Technological University

Delhi Technological University
Rs 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh
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One of India’s top technical institutes is Delhi Technological University (DTU), originally known as Delhi College of Engineering (DCE). It is situated in Delhi, India, and was founded in 1941. DTU is famous for its top-notch instruction, demanding academic programmes, and research-focused methodology.
DTU offers programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in a range of engineering, technology, and management specialties. The university is renowned for its expertise in engineering fields like information technology, computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. It also provides humanities and applied sciences programmes.
A distinguished faculty at DTU is formed up of experienced professors, researchers, and business specialists. The professors are well respected for their knowledge and make a substantial contribution to R&D projects. Through cutting-edge teaching techniques, business partnerships, and interdisciplinary research endeavours, they disseminate knowledge. The institution places a strong emphasis on a hands-on, practical approach to education and offers plenty of possibilities for students to get practical experience through research projects, industrial trips, and internships.
DTU is dedicated to encouraging innovation and research. It motivates academic staff and students to start research initiatives and present their findings at reputable conferences and journals. Through partnerships with business and academic institutions, the university supports an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. To foster and commercialise creative ideas, DTU also offers programmes for technology transfer and incubation support.

Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
BBA 49250 * 2.96Lakhs * 98500 * 3 Years
BA(Hons.) 49250 * 2.96Lakhs * 98500 * 3 Years
B.Des 1.10Lakhs * 8.80Lakhs * 2.20Lakhs * 4 Years
B.Tech 1.10Lakhs * 8.80Lakhs * 2.20Lakhs * 4 Years
B.Tech(Lateral) 1.10Lakhs * 6.60Lakhs * 2.20Lakhs * 3 Years
M.Tech 83000 * 3.32Lakhs * 1.66Lakhs * 2 Years
MBA 1.10Lakhs * 4.26Lakhs * 2.13Lakhs * 2 Years
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