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In the National Capital Region (NCR), India, Ashoka University is a private institution that specialises in liberal arts instruction in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.Critical thinking, complex problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and creativity for impact and change are all made possible by Ashoka University’s liberal arts and sciences programme.

The education at Ashoka University equips students with fundamental knowledge and disciplinary depth while also motivating them to look for undiscovered links between different fields, which might result in novel solutions. It teaches students how to think deeply on their own after studying a problem from a variety of angles. Their focus is changed from accepting obvious answers to asking the proper questions.

The education students get at Ashoka University most importantly teaches them how to study, preparing them for a future where both knowledge and work evolve continuously.

The academic curricula Ashoka University offers in a dialogic learning environment equip students to succeed in research, higher education, and the application of their knowledge to solve problems in the real world as future change-makers.

The academic offerings at Ashoka provide students with countless chances to further their aspirations and future professional objectives. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes are all available at the university, along with the Young India Fellowship, Global Education Programmes, Young Scholars Programme, and Summer Pro.

Prior to the middle of their second year, students are not expected to declare their major.

At Ashoka University, there are a total of 12 pure majors and 9 multidisciplinary majors from which to choose. Additionally, students have a choice of 19 available concentrations and 21 available minors. Students are required to complete 9 foundation courses and 2 co-curricular courses during their undergraduate career .programmes.



Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 161167 967000 322334 3 Years
B.Sc 161167 967000 322334 3 Years
P.HD 22500 135000 45000 3 Years
MA 125500 502000 251000 2 Years


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