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Arya Post Graduate College , which is located in Haryana and is close to Delhi, was founded in 1954 by genuine nationalists. Today, the college can take pride in its unique site, cutting-edge facilities, and highly regarded faculty, who have all received education at prestigious Indian universities. Although the college places a strong emphasis on academic performance, we also give students a variety of opportunities to benefit by expanding their knowledge and abilities in the areas that we think are crucial for their overall growth. Despite its name, students of various religions have grown up here and achieved success in their chosen fields, whether it be in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities.

Academics are a strong suit for Arya Post Graduate College, and our students consistently outperform expectations. We have secured 993 university slots for the academic years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022.

1) In combined sessions, 328 of our students earned top university positions.

2) In both sessions, our students earned 306 university positions, ranging from sixth to tenth.

3) In combined sessions, 359 of our students earned spots in the top 15 universities.

Numerous students from different streams have won first place on the university’s merit list.

Other scholarly accomplishments include:

Several departmental students and faculty members achieved NET/JRF success.

Numerous professional lectures and invited seminars were scheduled across all departments.

The NEP 2020 can be implemented at our college with no problems. For its implementation, all faculties are well-prepared and ready.

The college’s academic members have published excellent research papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Scopus, UGC-CARE, and others.

Under the capable leadership of the college’s principal, Dr. Naresh Saini, and his staff, our students have proven their talent and set new records for success at the international, national, and collegiate levels.




Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 10425 62550 20850 3 Years
BBA 27600 165600 55200 3 Years
B.Sc 14450 86700 28900 3 Years
B.Com 11575 69450 23150 3 Years
MA 17000 68000 33000 2 Years
B.voc 20250 121500 40500 3 Years
Certification 600 1200 1200 1 Years


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