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Anant National University, In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, there is a private institution called Anant National institution (AnantU or ANU)  .Using The Gujarat Private Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016, the Laxman Gyanpith Trust created it in 2016. Design, architecture, and the built environment undergraduate as well as graduate studies are available through the university.
The establishment of Gujarat University-affiliated Anant Institute of Architecture in 2011 marked the beginning of  Anant National University was created as India’s first design university after receiving approval to operate as a private institution in 2016 . The University offers a four-year, full-time Bachelor of Design programme with specialisations in space design, interaction design, product design, communication design, environmental design, fashion and textile design, and trans-disciplinary design, as well as a five-year, full-time Bachelor of Architecture program. A one-year as well as full-time post-graduate diploma programme called the fellowship programme for the built environment was introduced by AnantU in 2017. The Council of Architecture (COA) has authorised 88 seats for the Bachelor of Architecture curriculum flagship Anant Fellowship course at Anant National University has received praise from ET Now for its cutting-edge methodology and curriculum.

The first DesignX University in India, Anant National University offers the top design programmes to all aspiring creatives.

At AnantU, we cultivate designers that are proficient technically as well as have a broad awareness of the context..


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
B.Arch 44000 440000 88000 5 Years
B.Tech Climate Change 145000 1160000 290000 4 Years
Anant Fellowship for Climate Action 250000 500000 500000 1 Years
Anant Fellowship for Built Environment 250000 500000 500000 1 Years
BVA 62500 500000 125000 4 Years
M.Des Integrated Product Design 150000 600000 300000 2 Years
M.Arch 125000 500000 250000 2 Years
B.Des Transdisciplinary Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
PG Diploma Journalism in Built Environment 75000 150000 150000 1 Years
B.Des Interaction Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
B.Des Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
B.Des Moving Image 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
B.Des Space Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
B.Des Product Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
B.Des Communication Design 187500 1500000 375000 4 Years
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