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A major university in Gangtok is Sikkim University. About 56 kilometers from Gangtok, in the South Sikkim district, Yangang is where the campus is planned to be located. The institution began with four departments in 2008: Microbiology, Peace and Conflict Studies and Management, International Relations/Politics, and Social System and Anthropology. In addition to offering conventional courses in the humanities, physical and life sciences, and forestry, the university also offers non-traditional courses that are particular to the state and related to it, such as courses on ethnic history, mountain studies, border studies, and hill music and culture.

The Sikkim University has state-of-the-art gym is available to students, faculty, and staff six days a week. Male and female users have been kept in separate shifts. Male and female-trained gym instructors keep an eye on and continuously supervise the patrons. One only needs to fill out a membership form, which is available at the gym and on the university website, to join the gym.

Since February 2008, the Teesta-Indus Central Library has been expanding in rented space with a floor area of around 1000 square feet. It currently takes up more than 9000 square feet and has enough for over 70 000 volumes. Building a strong university library has been a priority for universities from the beginning. The university library is regarded as the center of the institution’s academic life and serves as its central database. One of the key goals of the institution is to strengthen the collection and enhance the services. Despite being a young library with just roughly 14 years of existence, located in a rented facility, and operating with a minimal staff size of 15, it is equivalent to any other old university library in the nation.


Course Name Sem fee* Full fee* Yearly fee* Course duration
BA 3641 21846 7282 3 Years
B.Sc 3641 21846 7282 3 Years
MA 2615 10460 5230 2 Years
MBA 8051 32204 16102 2 Years
M.Sc 3926 15704 7852 2 Years
M.Com 3926 15704 7852 2 Years
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