Lovely Professional University Online (LPU)

Lovely Professional University Online (LPU)
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One of the biggest and most well-known private universities in India, Lovely Professional University (LPU), operates Lovely Professional University Online (LPU), an online distance learning platform. LPU Online seeks to provide students from various backgrounds and regions with a high-quality education through adaptable and accessible online programmes.
Various undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programmes are available through LPU Online in a variety of subject areas, including management, engineering, computer science, the arts, business, science, and more. Programmes are created to meet industry standards and give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace.
When a student completes their studies in one of LPU Online’s online programmes, they will get a credential that is both valuable and acknowledged by the appropriate authorities. LPU has developed partnerships with business partners that give students access to internship and job placement opportunities as well as practical experience.
Lovely Professional University Online helps students to realise their educational and career goals while upholding their responsibilities to their families, employers, and the community through its dedication to high standards of education, flexibility, industry relevance, and complete student assistance.




Course Name Sem fee Full fee Yearly fee Course duration
Master of Business Administration 44000 176000 88000 2 Years
Master of Business Administration (Industry Collaborated) 84000 336000 168000 2 Years
Master of Computer Applications 34000 136000 68000 2 Years
Bachelor of Computer Applications 29000 174000 58000 3 Years
Master of Commerce 24000 96000 48000 2 Years
Bachelor of Commerce 24000 144000 48000 3 Years
Bachelor of Arts 19000 114000 38000 3 Years
Master of Arts (Economics) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years
Master of Arts (English) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years
Master of Arts (History) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years
Master of Arts (Sociology) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years
Master of Arts (Political Science) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years
Master of Science (Mathematics) 19000 76000 38000 2 Years



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